So. I was talking to my mom on the phone earlier, and mentioned the fact that Merlin is ending soon. She doesn’t watch Merlin, but she sympathized, etc, and then asked about Sherlock. I told her that, directly following the news about Merlin, BBC released the fact that the American airing date for series 3 was pushed back until 2014.

About here, she started flipping out.

Now, seeing as how much my sisters and I incessantly talk about BBC shows, tumblr, and all that, I figured that my mom knew all about the insane Sherlock series 3 drama/never-ending advent. But apparently, no such luck.

She had no idea that Sherlock series 3 wouldn’t air for another whole year. She thought it was coming up in the spring. I was the one who burst her lovely bubble.

Oh, mother. *hugs* You have no idea. You have no idea what it’s been like.

BROTP of Series 3

  • *horrible, beastly screeching*
  • Merlin: What was that?
  • Gwaine: ...Pheasant.
  • Merlin: ...Pheasant?
  • Gwaine: Very big one.
  • Merlin: You can turn back if you want.
  • Gwaine: *laughing* I'm not afraid of pheasants.
  • Merlin: I don't know... Why do you want to do this?
  • Gwaine: Same reason as you. Help a friend.
  • Merlin: Arthur's lucky to have us.
  • Gwaine: Not Arthur.
  • Merlin: I'd do the same for you.
  • Gwaine: I'd hope so. You're the only friend I've got.
  • Merlin: I'm not surprised.
  • Gwaine: *laughs*
  • *more horrible screeching*
  • Merlin: ...That sounded like three pheasants.

Does ANYONE out there know

What the title of the song is that plays in Merlin from time to time, throughout S2E9 The Lady of the Lake as well as in the scene where Merlin reveals his magic to Gilli in S3E11. I’ve been searching for days trying to find it anywhere, and have failed miserably.

That song is so beautiful, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t include it in the soundtrack.

If anyone could help me out, that’d be amazing.