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I'm a rather nerdy history major and the most logically-minded art student I know. My dream job is to work as curator for a museum of ancient artifacts and/or manuscripts, I love the British Isles, and am a sucker for all things Arthurian. I could listen to cellos for the rest of my life and be happy, I love to read, love to write, and when I'm feeling clever, I adore nothing more than making up puns. I've been an archer for longer than Katniss, Merida, and Jeremy Renner, and I spend far, far, far too much time fangirling over How to Train Your Dragon, BBC's Merlin, Rise of the Guardians, and all the other wonderful things you will find on my blog.

For blog and country! Cheerio!

"Astrid was knocked speechless (with anger or that strange Astrid-brand of endearment, Hiccup would never learn) when he finally reached the point where he could walk up and plop his chin down to rest atop her head."

An idea from one of my stories. And yes, he really will be that tall in the movie (okay, just a little bit shorter, but whatevs). Refer to this post I made a while back.