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Viking vines,

SNOTLOUT: Come on! Do it for the vine, you two!

ASTRID: No! And how the hell did you get into my phone?

SNOTLOUT: I have my sources. Now come on, I can’t keep retaking this video all day - get to it!

HICCUP: Snotlout, would you just-

SNOTLOUT: Oh, come on! You two were just snogging like slugs earlier, what happened? It’ll be great! All of your followers think you two are adorable you know. I leak this footage, BOOM, I’m famous and you get lots of compliments. How is this a bad plan?

HICCUP: Slugs? Really, slugs?

SNOTLOUT: Oh, forget the slug comment. Come on! It’s just a camera, DO IT FOR THE VINE


HICCUP: But slugs?

SNOTLOUT: God, forget the slugs!

HICCUP: The fact that I’m related to you is really a mystery to me.

ASTRID: I am not snogging him on camera,

SNOTLOUT: [sighs] FINE How about a normal kiss, then, just a kiss?

ASTRID: [glares at HICCUP]

HICCUP: [smiles]

[ASTRID grabes HICCUP and kisses him on the mouth quickly. Turns and glares at SNOTLOUT]

ASTRID: You happy now?

SNOTLOUT: Close enough! Hello, internet fame! [begins to walk away] I swear you’d think you were friggin’ William and Kate with all the hype you get.

[end recording]

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modern HTTYD prompts? how about something about Valka and Hiccup, and a Toothless who is neither a dog or a cat, but some other animal we don't see as much? something serious, but not angsty. maybe Hiccup is in college?

You said not angsty, but sorry, it got angsty.


"I don’t know if I can do this," He said, not looking at her. He was petting Toothless’ fur nervously, looking around at the boxes surrounding him in his small apartment. He’d spend the first two years of college in a dorm. But after… all that had happened, he’d wanted to be able to keep Toothless with him this year. His mother had agreed. So here he was, in a proper apartment, an adult. So why did he want to cry?

He knew already. It was because there would be no gruff hug this time, no back-slam just a tad too forceful, no ginger whiskers smothering him when he said goodbye. There was mom, still unfamiliar and too gingerly in her touches, so warm and kind and caring… but so not like his father, whom he missed. Flashbacks of the funeral came unbidden, and the tears welled. He petted Toothless’ fur harder, and the fox turned in his arms stared up at him.

"You can do it,” his mother said, and whether it was true or not, he believed her, if only because she was mom. Her thin hands found his chin and tilted his face up to look at her. “You’ll do fine. I know you will. Your father would agree with me.” He swiped at his eyes. “Oh, my boy,” She whispered, and pulled him close. He did not cry, and he was proud of it. But he sniffed loudly, and his face warped against her shoulder with the effort of not crying. 

"You have his heart," She told him, and patted his chest where Toothless dug his head, "It’s an important part, the heart. It’ll keep you strong." She pulled back and kissed him on the forehead. "And I’ll be just a phonecall away, and Astrid is here, and Toothless, too." She scratched the top of the fox’s head. "We love you, Hiccup," She said, and he knew she said ‘we’ to mean his father and her. She still spoke of them both in the present tense, sometimes. It’d been long enough that he knew she wasn’t delusional. She just wanted him to remember. They all needed it. He nodded, unable to speak.

"Good boy," She smoothed his hair back, and glanced around at the boxes. "Now come on, I’ll help you get enough unpacked for tonight before I go." She took his hand and Toothless licked at his face. He mustered a smile.


queeneli128 asked:

Is it to unoriginal if I say sometimes you remind me of Merida? What with the whole archery thing, the curly hair, and your excitable yet sweet personality the first thing that came to mind was Merida. Sorry if you think I'm way off :|

Hahaha, I get it a lot! I think I’m basically opposite of Merida in personality - I’m far to non-confrontational and not nearly as bold as she is, but in the looks department, I understand with the curly hair. :P Thanks!

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You know I really think its fine to stop tagging HTTYD2 spoilers now... Its been hella long and its out of theaters and going to DVD and blue-ray soon. Maybe I'm just an a-hole but I really think the fandom was too harsh and stressful about the spoiler tagging thing.

I mean, bloggers do what they wan’t, but I did start tagging for my followers, so I thought it was the polite thing to ask. I think I’ll wait until the dvd comes out? That seems fair.